2020 Student Dance Awardeess

"You provide another building block to my future... Having a sponsorship means I can keep dancing!"

2020 Student Recipient

"Ballroom Dance teaches coordination, character, arts, and creative outlets ..."


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2020 Student Dance Recipient

"Dancing is one of the most fun things I've ever done... What I love about dancing is how I can express my emotions, like how when I dance to fast music, I feel happy.

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Student Spotlight

Ballroom dancing has a positive impact on physical, mental and emotional health for childhood development. Dancing improves coordination, creativity, teaches empathy, social skills, companionship and also provides a form of therapy. With our community’s help, we can share the arts and provide access to dance instruction.

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"Let the joy and ballroom and creativity of the arts influence your journey through life."

Anastassia Abramenko
Executive Director