Ballroom Dance Benefits for Children and Adults
Dance Research

There are many ballroom dance benefits for childhood development, adults and senior citizens, especially those with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Children learn physical and mental awareness, increased cognitive function, empathy, teamwork, execution, artistry, compassion, visual spatial movement, mental acuity, improved bone density, and balance among many other wellness benefits of dancing. We've compiled a set of educational articles, papers and resources about how dancing effects children and adults.
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learning empathy through dance

Learning Empathy Through Dance

  • 2016
  • The Atlantic
energy recreational ballroom dance

The Energy Expenditure of Recreational Ballroom Dance

  • 2014
  • NIH
  • International Journal of Exercise Science
dance promotes wellbeing and health

Promoting wellbeing and health through active participation in music and dance: a systematic review

  • 2020
  • NIH
  • International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being
Dancing and the brain

Dancing and the Brain

  • Harvard Medical
Dance Influences Adolescent Develpment

The contribution of dance to daily physical activity among adolescent girls

  • 2011
  • International journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
Dancing as tool for adulthood

Dancing as a Tool for Successful Transitioning to Adulthood for Individuals with Disabilities

  • 2016
  • The College at Brockport: State University of New York